Exciting News! 11/02/2009
I'm glad to announce that CWATO has been approved and is well on its way to having its first event. I will be having a meeting with a representative of Blood Services Canada later this week to finalize dates and get posters out. I've been in contact with several schools and organizations across the GTA, and I hope everyone is just as excited as I am. Thank you for making this all the worth while! 

- Alex
It's Coming... 10/16/2009
Exciting news, that is. Check out the site later tonight. - Alex 
Hello, it's Alex here. I just wanted to update those who have been visiting this site on our progress. We now have genuine interest in continuing this project (YIPPEE!), and we need your help. If you live in the Toronto area and want to support an amazing cause by helping us out, let us know! The form is under the Volunteeers tab to your left, so just go ahead and fill that out and send it to us. 

I'm amazed that this project, started by one person who wanted to help those who needed it, has expanded so much. We hope to get much done in the next few weeks, and your help would be so greatly appreciated.

- Alex
Progress 09/04/2009
Hello! If you've been checking this site for updates and have given up hope, I'm here to tell you to keep the faith! CWATO hasn't disappeared; we're just trying to fix loose ends and get this project off its feet. 

Keep checking the website for details, as hopefully we will have some in the near future.

- Alex
Reply! 08/18/2009
Hello, everyone!

We've gotten our first reply from Canadian Blood Services. My contact has forwarded our request to others, so I can truthfully say that we've gotten somewhere. Due to the nature of the request (anything to do with Twilight is always crazy), they'll have to review everything. If all goes well, I can expect a reply within two weeks. I'll update with information as soon as I receive more. In the mean time, follow cwatoronto on twitter to get the fastest updates.

- Alex
New Site 08/15/2009
Welcome to cwatoronto's new website. Here you will find all updates and events for the Carlisle Would Approve project in Toronto, Canada. We are currently under construction, so we ask that you return in a little bit! Thank you.

- Alex

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